The Third I (more_light) wrote,
The Third I


Okay, all those who buy the government line on the cause of the blackout, raise your hands. All those who think the acrid black smoke at the Con Ed substation on 14th in Manhattan was just from the substation shutting down, raise your hands. All those who think a lightning strike in Niagara is sufficient to knock out power from NYC to Ottowa to Detroit to Cleveland, raise your hands.

  • Usama and his monkey boys like to have a practice run or two where they test the concept without going all the way
  • The capture of a major al Q. leader was announced on the day prior to the blackout
  • UbL and his .org like significant dates. In 814, the muslim city of Constantinople was besieged.
  • If we reverse the date to 4/18, we get the day a suicide bomber destroyed the U.S. embassy in Lebanon in 1983.

Will we see another blackout in the near future? One that blankets the nation in darkness?

And what about the possibility that it really was an accident? Would the way it spun out of control be a demonstration that California's deregulation woes could haunt us all as the deregulation of our basic utilities becomes a national trend?
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