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Wake up!

The Third I
1 May
A little light reading.

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23 skidoo, 9/11, adam weishaupt, aliens, altered states, apocalypse, area 51, argentum astrum, assassinations, bay of pigs, big brother, big business, big government, castro, chemtrails, cia, codex, coincidance, cointelpro, concentration camps, conspiracies, conspiracy, conspiracy theories, cover-ups, crimes, critical thinking, cults, davinci code, death camps, debunking, demons, discordia, disillusionment, domestic assassination, drugs, encryption, esp, et in arcadia ego, evil, experiments, fbi, fema, flat earth, foia, freedom of information act, freemasonry, global elite, gnosticism, heresy, history, hitler, holy blood holy grail, homeland security, human sacrifice, illuminati, illuminatus, imf, intifada, israel, jesus, jfk, jonestown, karl marx, kennedy assassination, kennedys, knights templar, lies, lsd, malcolm x, manipulation, marijuana, martin luther king, masons, mccarthyism, merovingian kings, merovingians, middle east, military-industrial complex, mind-control, moon, murder, mysticism, narcoterrorism, national security agency, nazis, new world order, nlp, noam chomsky, nsa, occult, october surprise, oil, oklahoma city bombing, oliver north, opec, operation condor, packet sniffing, patriotism, patterns, peace, pearl harbor, pgp, politics, prieure de sion, priory of sion, propaganda, prophecy, protests, psychology, robert anton wilson, robert kennedy, ronald reagan, satanists, secret government, secrets, skepticism, skull and bones, spies, symbolism, tao, the crusades, the davinci code, the occult, thelema, timothy leary, ufos, united states of america, urban legends, usa, vast right-wing conspiracy, videotape, war on drugs, war on terror, what really happened, world bank, world domination, world trade center, wtc, x-files, zen, zoroastrianism